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Wedding Wednesday- 1 month away

Today marks the 1 month away mark for our wedding and I couldn’t be more excited. Things have not gone according to plan and it’s certainly taking a toll on me. This week has been a particularly rough one and I just got the point last night where I needed to get away from it all. At 7 pm I went in our bedroom to watch a little TV and unwind. At 7:15 I was fast asleep. My favorite little Dino Boy went to check on me and decided to let me get the rest I clearly needed. When I woke up this morning all the dishes were done and our seating chart was done! How amazing is this guy?! So todays post is just to say thanks Dino Boy for being so great. So excited to be Mrs. Dino Boy! Love you baby

Wedding Wednesday- Pops of Color

Add a Pop of Color to your Wedding Day

When it comes to color schemes for weddings, white is simply not right for every bride and her dream day. If you’re keen to steer clear of the traditional all-white and want to add a pop of color to your special day, don’t be afraid to do so. In fact, you should embrace the introduction of color into your wedding celebration by thinking about incorporating some, or all, of the following wedding style trends:wedding3

Daring Dresses                                                                                                                            If you are willing to wear a dress that’s not of the all-white traditional variation, your options for style and colorare truly endless. Remember, it’s your big day and you can choose just how colorful your wedding dress is going to be. For those who want to add just a pop of color without going all-out, an ombre style dress is the best choice as it’s classic white on top with a splash of color at the bottom. A color petticoat or lining is another great way to add a subtle hint of color that will merely peek out when you walk.


Sassy Shoes or Sash                                                                                                            When it comes to wedding ensembles, less is often much better than more. If your goal is to simply addapop of color without making your wedding party appear borderline tacky, sassy shoes or a colorful sash are two of the best options to consider. Whether you choose to wear them yourself or get your bridesmaids to adorn the color for you, your wedding photos will certainly pop with the addition of these color complements. For cheshire weddings in the countryside and beautiful beach settings, the surroundings will further complement your color choices making for picture perfect memories and prints.

Statement Jewelry                                                                                                           Modern brides and designers know that all that sparkles does not have to be gold or silver – it can be blue, green, red or pink too! Jewelry is the part of your outfit where you can really add pigments of color to your look without being too full on. Again, as with wedding dresses, your choices of color-popping bracelets, earrings and statement necklaces are truly endless. Forget the boring plain sparkle and think blue diamond encrusted earrings, a matching striking necklace and a vibrant headdress that perfectly accompaniments your entire look.

A Bouquet with a Difference                                                                                                  If color-popping sashes, sassy shoes and statement jewelry is all sounding a little too much for you to think about, consider adding pigments of color to your outfit by choosing a bouquet that’s adorned with some patterned fabric or ribbon.Since the bouquet is detached from your actual outfit, it’s the perfect opportunity to be a little dramatic and interplay with different colors or designs that you’d like to be incorporated into your ensemble in some way.


Little Extras                                                                                                                                Do you want color but don’t necessarily want to wear it? Consider adding extra accessories to your ceremony or reception to introduce those pigmentations in a more subtle way. Think eye catching table centerpieces, colorful parasols for your bridesmaids, vibrant flowers for your ceremony and brightly colored mood lighting for your dinner party. Whatever way you decide to add a splash of color to your special day, make sure that you give it some thought and choose shades that you love and tones that will complement the other elements of your planned ceremony and reception. Introducing subtle hues is one of the best ways to make your wedding day one to remember, so why not take the plunge and join the millions of color-loving brides that are choosing to embrace this growing trend?

My favorites from Lilly!

Today starts Lilly Pulitzer’s gift with purchase sale and I couldn’t be more excited. If I didn’t have a wedding next month all of these items would be in my cart but since they can’t all be here are my top five!

How To Organize Your Own Wedding

Taking on the preparation for a huge event like a wedding is a big commitment. There is so much to plan and do. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, and then struggle to get everything ready on time. Getting yourself organized isn’t the easiest thing to do. It’s all about routine and streamlining your tasks into smaller bites.

Improving your organizational skills is something you can do at any time. When we’re organized, we tend to be more focused. It frees up our time and gives us the boost to get on with all the things we’ve been putting off. To improve your organizational skills, start with making some lists.

The list should achieve some objectives. Why not try a list for the wedding? The point of the list is to detail everything we need to do before the big day. Start with the venue. This is a great header for your list. Subheadings could include visiting possible venues you might book. You might want to take photos for reference. Add booking the venue and decorating your reception room to the subheadings too.

Once the venue is booked, the next thing on your list is probably the invitations. Now you have your date, you need to whittle down your guest list to fit the accommodation and your budget. Next you need to design the invitation itself. You could streamline this task by choosing bespoke wedding invitations by Paper Themes. This gives you all the design choices you need to create what you want.  

Now everyone is invited, it’s time to find that dress. On your list may be two or three bridal boutiques for you to visit. They often work on an appointment basis, so call ahead to confirm a time and date. You’ll need shoes, a headdress, and possibly some lingerie to go with the dress. You can often find bridesmaid dresses at the boutiques too.

Flowers, cakes, cars, and photography, will all need to be chosen and booked over the next few weeks too. Always check out the portfolio of the person you mean to hire. You may even find some great ideas there for your own wedding. You may be able to find some of these services online, in the phonebook, or by recommendation from a friend.

As you get closer to your big day, you will come to realize you can’t do it all. Decorating the venue may need to be done in the morning of your wedding. You will be too busy. Find a friend to help. Your hair and makeup will also take a long time to get right. Sometimes it is less stressful to ask a friend to take care of it, or to hire someone. Even getting dressed is a challenge!

Finally, on the day, you will want to be sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. It’s best to share this responsibility with someone who can be at the ceremony ahead of you. Ushers can be very resourceful! With a little help and support, you can relax and enjoy the most beautiful day of your life.


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Word for August- voice

This month I am working on finding my voice, standing up against bullies and not being afraid of what people think when I say “no”. There is a lot of power in the word “no” and I think its hard to say it without the worry about being labeled a bitch because of it. I have spent years saying yes to everyone, keeping quiet when my voice needed to be heard and apologizing when there was no reason to say sorry. Its an incredibly freeing feeling when you let go of what people will think of you when they are not treating you right. This month I’m standing up for myself. This month I’m learning its okay to say no when you need to. This month I’m making no apologies for doing what’s right for me. What is your goal for the month?