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My Nordstrom sale picks!

I do not have a Nordstrom card because I like paying rent on time and not apologizing to Dino Boy about spending hundreds at Nordstrom every other day so I was up early this morning picking out my favorites from the sale! Here are my top ten!
This could easily be my go to bag for the fall. Love the color and style of it

Trina Turk ‘Venice Beach’ One-Piece Swimsuit (Nordstrom Exclusive)

I have been searching high and low for a fun bathing suit for a bachelorette party at the beach and I think I may have found it! I love the fun back and vibrant colors!
I have been eyeing the neon yellow earrings every time I pass the jewelry section but just couldn’t pull the trigger. At the sale price it seems insane to pass these bad boys up!

Tory Burch 59mm Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

I seem to have a growing collection of aviators sitting in my closet and I feel like these are the perfect pair to add to my collection. 

Taylor Dresses Pintuck Detail Ponte Sheath Dress 

I love this dress! The detailing and color make it a go to dress this fall!
I’m a sucker for Michael Kors watches and I think this watch is meant to be in my jewelry box. Love the small amount of sparkle and the thick band.

Louise et Cie ‘Inulya’ Pointy Toe Pump

I am obsessed with these shoes! I think the strap adds a little fun fresh and funky feel to a classic pump. 


Zella ‘Live In – Streamline’ Reversible Mesh Inset Capris

I literally live in these Zella live in capris! They are so soft and comfy and the perfect motivator to get out there and run!


kensie ‘Delilah’ Deer Pillow

This pillow is perfect for fall, it adds a classic rustic feel without being lumber jacky. I am ready to put it in the guest room year round!

kate spade

kate spade new york insulated tumbler 

I have been needing a new tumbler and finally decided to go with this after I saw the sale price!

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Our Wedding Invitations!

Since people are finally receiving our wedding invitations I can finally share the design we chose! Since we are getting married under a willow tree I figured these were the perfect ones to help set the tone! What do you think??
 wedding invites ivy wedding invitations

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My Bridal Shower Outfit

I got a couple emails about what I was wearing to my bridal shower so I thought I would share all the details with you guys! Every piece of my outfit is on sale right now, how awesome is that?! The entire outfit is under $200!  What did you wear to your bridal shower?

Use coupon code december13 for 20% off!
J crew bloom necklace

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My bridal shower tea!

My bridal shower was over the weekend and it was the most beautiful party. My sister and mom did a wonderful job throwing an elegant tea party that celebrated the upcoming nuptials. We had a fabulous cocktail in tea cups, shared stories about love and enjoyed each others company. Dino boy even made an appearance at the end giving me roses with something he loves about me attached to each flower. How sweet is that! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the event.

Dino Boy’s World Cup

By now you are all probably aware of the international soccer spectacle that has been taking place in Brazil. Yes, I am talking about the world cup. Dino Boy has been really into this world cup. Thankfully, most of the games are during the middle of the day throughout the week so I’m not constantly having to watch soccer, but our past few weekends have consisted of at least 2 afternoons of soccer. Thankfully, the tournament comes to a close this weekend and so I asked Dino Boy to do a post to help those of us who don’t understand, or care about soccer. Here’s what he has for us!

Soccer is one of those sports where I get really into it every four years. In case you’re wondering, curling is one of the other sports I get into every four years (winter Olympics) and then completely forget about. As a refresher, this is curling:

Yes, every four years I will watch grown men and women slide and sweep giant stones across ice.
I digress, back to soccer, or football as it’s called everywhere else in the world. The world cup is one of those great competitions where the entire world gets into. Some countries take it WAY more seriously than others. When the Americans were ousted from the competition many of us went back to no longer caring about soccer. However, the competition continued to march on without us.
The final four teams left in the completion played this past Tuesday and Wednesday, with Germany playing the host country Brazil and the Netherlands (AKA: Dutch, AKA: Holland) playing against Argentina. Brazil were favorites to take the cup, however, they were absolutely annihilated by the German powerhouse. Remember when I said some countries take the world cup way more seriously than we do? Check out these Brazilian reactions to their team losing:

This is the face of pure agony


Yes, the world cup is that serious to these people. With Germany’s 7-1 win over Brazil they earned a trip to the final this Sunday.
In the other Semifinal match it was Argentina vs The Netherlands. This game ended up going to penalty kicks to determine the winner. In soccer, you play 90 minutes. If the game is tied they play for another 30 minutes. If the game is still tied they go to penalty kicks. In the end Argentina ended up besting the Netherlands to earn their trip to the finals.
There will be two games this weekend, Saturday will see the Netherlands and Brazil play for the third place position (Netherlands is going to win) and Sunday will be the final game.
So, in preparation for the final games, here are some helpful tidbits and jargon to know to make you look like a world cup pro.

1.      Argentina has Lionel Messi playing for them, who is arguably the best player in the world (Cristiano Rinaldo is the other player who has a claim to being the best). Messi pretty much carries the Argentina team on his back.

2.      Germany don’t have Rinaldo or Messi, they have something better, a star studded team. Their nickname is “Die Mannschaft” or “the team”. They play like a team and they have been rolling through the competition.
3.      No European team has ever won a world cup when a Latin America team has been hosting. So, if Germany wins, it will be the first time that a European country wins the cup in a Latin America country.
4.      Soccer announcers are the best, they will get excited about anything and everything. Plus they all have some type of accent that just adds to the entertainment. Make sure the volume is up when watching.

5.      All soccer players have six packs and at the end of the game they switch jerseys, meaning they walk around shirtless. It will make your boyfriend feel very self-conscious 
6.      Just a fun tidbit, in soccer, a zero (0) is called nil. So instead of saying the score is zero-zero you say nil-nil. Personally, I like to pretend I have an English accent when saying it. I also look like a pretentious dick, so use this one with caution.
7.      It’s one of the one times where America can see other countries care about something the way we care about the super bowl.
8.      The countries are playing for this, a solid gold bad ass trophy

A lot of people watched the world cup up until the American’s lost in the knock out round. But last I checked, this is America, and we don’t quit. So this weekend, grab some snacks, pick a team, and see this World Cup through to the end!

The game for third place between Brazil and the Netherlands kicks off tomorrow at 4pm EST on ESPN. The final game between Germany and Argentina will kick off at 3pm EST on ABC on Sunday!

My pick for the winner? Germany

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Win $130 in Paypal cash!

You guys know I love giveaways for my lovely readers and this week is no different. Check out this bad boy and enter below! Who doesn’t want to win some cash? Hello new summer wardrobe!!  
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Get invited back- Hostess gifts

With so many events going on over the summer I try and stock up on hostess gifts whenever I can. Here are some of my favorites for the summer.
I have never met a person that hates these candles. They aren’t the cheap ones from Target but you better believe you get your money’s worth. I’m loving the strawberry shortcake one right now.
A pretty bottle of wine or champagne and some glasses go a long way. I always have a bottle in a nice gift bag in my trunk just in case. That reason may be I got a flat tire and need a glass on the side of the road but at least I’m always prepared! Add a pretty basket of goodies and you are ready to go!

Best With Wine

I look for beautiful cards year round. If I see one that catches my eye I pick it up. Elegant stationary can be a gift for anyone no matter what the age.

Flowers A2 Letterpress Foil Stationery - Set of 8

My sister shared an adorable housewarming suggestion with me. A lime tree and a 6 pack of Corona. So cute!
What has been your favorite hostess gift this year?
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