My goals for the week

I’ve spent most of the day on the living room couch recovering from body battling me. It’s easy to lay in bed and watch 5 episodes of Sex and the City. (oh wait, that is how I spent the first couple hours of waking up!) ┬áNow I want to be productive and get things done! Writing a list always gets me out of that funk so here it is, my goals for the week!
1. Actually do laundry and hang up all of my clothes. My closet is starting to look just like a giant pile!
2. Get the wedding response card spreadsheet done! The reply cards are coming in!
3. Get my blog in order. It’s been kind of a wreck lately with all the wedding craziness but I’m determined to get into a groove again.
4. Pack for BlogHer!!!! You guys I’m so excited for this conference! Are any of you ladies going?
What are your goals for the week?

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