Goals for the month of July

Mix up my workouts- I need to start putting in high gear as I prep for the walk down the aisle. It’s been great to have an outlet when things get crazy but I’m looking to expand just my regular walks and runs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Finally have a date night- crazy work schedules, a ton of family events and wedding planning have kept our calendars very full but this month I want to have some one on one time with my favorite dinosaur and just reconnect. No phones, no wedding talk, just us!

Try out some new recipes- Dino Boy and I are in a rut with our weekly menu. I’m looking to expand our recipes and enjoy some of the best summer fruit! 

Make blogging more of a priority- sometimes it’s a daunting task sitting at the computer thinking about what to write. I usually end up getting distracted and online shopping. Since the ups man and I are now on a first name basis I think it’s time to give that up. When I walk away after writing I feel amazing. It’s almost a mental runners high and I love it!
Take one day fully off- my to do lists and pages and pages long every day and its tough when you worry you will never get everything done. One day a week this month I vow to stay home, relax and maybe clean. 

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