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Wedding Wednesday- Becoming A Family

I’ll be honest I’m a hormonal mess right now. Pms on top of wedding nerves means that there is an 80% chance Dino Boy comes home to me crying and has to figure out if these are happy or sad tears. The other day I was a wreck because of quite possible the cutest moment. I logged into that fun wedding spreadsheet I blogged about last week and saw one of the best aha moments I’ve ever had looking at an excel spreadsheet. On the relationship box my favorite boy put in our spot “soon to be family” You would think that I just finished the end of The Notebook at that moment. After finally getting my breath back and fixing my permanent raccoon eyes ( I swear even waterproof mascara isn’t helping me right now!) I was once again reminded the reason of all of this craziness. I’m becoming a family. I’m going to join another mini unit, one to call my own. There is a reason this moment s so emotionally charged. You are becoming one, one mini little family. One man that will be in my life forever. If that doesn’t make you cry happy tears I don’t know what will.

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Thirsty Thursday

Because I’m attending the BlogHer conference this weekends posts are a little mixed up. Today’s Sipping Saturday has turned into Thirsty Thursday. Try this delicious cocktail and let me know what you think!
Barcadi Razz was a drink that I problem had a million times when I turned 21 and was done with after a couple awful mornings but I found this recipe on Barcadi’s website and I have to say it’s making me get right back into this delicious drink!
Mix 1 1/2 ounce Barcadi Razz with 3 ounces soda water and a lime wedge
BAC RAZ 375  

Wedding wednesday- our wedding spreadsheet

I’m a mess when it comes to organizing for the wedding so when invitations went out I knew I needed to create a system for the reply cards. Dino Boy created this amazing spreadsheet to keep everything organized! It has been a life saver! Did you have a system that worked for you?

Name Street Address City State Zip Code Bride/ Groom Relationship Number in Party Number likely to attend Invited to Wedding Number Accepted Seating Arrangement Gifts Received Thank You Card Sent Room K/Q
Ms. Jane Doe 16 Main Road Milton Massachusetts 2186 Bride Family 1 1 1 K/1
Mr. John Smith 1802 Springtown Drive Walnut Creek California 94597 Bride Family 1 2 1 2 K/1
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander the Great 89 Ten Drive Boston Massachusetts 2215 Bride Family 2 1 2 Q/1
Dr. and Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt 245 Just One Highlander Street Milton Massachusetts 2186 Bride Family 2 1 2 Q/2
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt 24 In the Wilderness Road South Boston Massachusetts 2127 Bride Family 2 0 2
Mr. Abraham Lincoln 867 Don’t Go to the Theatre Road Dorchester Massachusetts 2124 Bride Family 2 0 2
Mr. George Alexander and Ms. Kate Middleton 2142 I’m the Princess Avenue San Francisco California 94116 Bride Family 2 2 2 2 K/1
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shephard 1720 We Have to Go Back Avenue Chicago Illinois 60622 Bride Family 2 0 2
Mr. John Locke and Ms. Kate Austin 475 K Street NW #505 Washington DC 20001 Bride Family 2 0 2
Ms. Claire Underwood 32 Tracking Street Lynn Massachusetts 1902 Bride Family 1 1 1 1
Mr. Bryan Cranston and Ms. Daisy Duke 360 Don’t Sell Drugs Parkway Revere Massachusetts 2151 Bride Family 2 0 2
Ms. Lily Aldrin and Ms. Robin Sherbotsky 80 Terrible at Finales Street Staten Island New York 10301 Bride Family 2 0 2
Ms. Pam Halpert 12 Runs across Coals Ave Celbridge CO Kildare IRE Bride Family 1 0 1
Ms. Mindy Kaling 12 Really? Ave Celbridge CO Kildare IRE Bride Family 1 0 1
Mr. Walter White and Ms. Olivia Munn 31 I’m in hte Empire Road Drimnagh Dublin 12 IRE Bride Family 2 0 2

My goals for the week

I’ve spent most of the day on the living room couch recovering from body battling me. It’s easy to lay in bed and watch 5 episodes of Sex and the City. (oh wait, that is how I spent the first couple hours of waking up!)  Now I want to be productive and get things done! Writing a list always gets me out of that funk so here it is, my goals for the week!
1. Actually do laundry and hang up all of my clothes. My closet is starting to look just like a giant pile!
2. Get the wedding response card spreadsheet done! The reply cards are coming in!
3. Get my blog in order. It’s been kind of a wreck lately with all the wedding craziness but I’m determined to get into a groove again.
4. Pack for BlogHer!!!! You guys I’m so excited for this conference! Are any of you ladies going?
What are your goals for the week?

Sunday Saying- Never give up

Giving up on your goal because of one setback

Champagne Limoncello Cocktail

Today I’m sharing the wonderful cocktail we drank at my bridal shower!
Champagne Limoncello Cocktails
Put a strip of lemon rinds into a tea cup
Add 1 tablespoon limoncello
Add 1/2 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
Fill the rest of the glass with champagne
Serve immediately