Top picks from the Nordstrom sale

Nordstrom’s mens half yearly sale is going on right now and it is the perfect time to stock up on some fun additions to Dino Boy’s closet. Here are some of my picks:
A good smelling boy becomes 10x hotter and this stuff makes me want to jump Dino Boy’s bones. Such a yummy smell and this is a great price!
Dino Boy has become quite the Sperry collector and these will be a great addition to his fall wardrobe.
This Hugo Boss shirt adds a fun pop of color and is perfect no matter what the season.
These are Dino Boys favorites for the weekend. For the price I’m thinking we need to buy multiple pairs!

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If I can somehow get my favorite dinosaur to wear something Red Sox I will die a happy women. I’m hoping this will be a good starting off point.
I’m a big fan of stocking up on the basics so I think there will be a number of these bad boys in the shopping cart by the end of the day.
These adorable swim trunks are sure to put you in a summer time mood! I love the little anchors, a perfect addition for the heat!
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