Wedding Wednesday- Why We Work

Dino Boy here to make another guest post for Wedding Wednesday. I had so much fun writing our engagement story that we decided I should come back for

an encore. Noelle had an idea that I should write an article about “why we work.” At first it seemed like a bit of a daunting task. My first thought was, we just do, it’s natural, end of article. But as I thought about it, I realized that there are a lot of factors that go into why we work. What I started to realize is that it’s not so much why we work, but all of the things we do to make it work. So with that in mind, I compiled a list of some of the important things we do.
We Fight
I know this is a crazy one to start out with, but it’s really important. Ask any couple that’s been together for a long time and they will tell you that they fight. It is part of human nature, we’re going to disagree with each other and we both have our own passionate opinion. What allows us to work, though, is that we don’t fight to win, we don’t fight to hurt the other person, and we have learned how to fight with each other.  
We Forgive
At the end of a fight we forgive. We reflect on what caused the fight and what we can do in the future to avoid it. We never use old fights or wrongdoings as jokes or guilt trips on the other person. Most people will say forgive and forget. We take a different approach, forgive, but remember what caused it and what you can do to prevent it in the future. 
We Grow Together
We know that in 10 years we are not going to be the same people that we are today. We’re not even the same people that we were when we met. As our relationship grows, so do we. What makes us work is the fact that we want to grow together, we want to evolve and we want to help make each other the best people we can be. 
We Laugh
Both with each other and at each other. We have our own little jokes, we get each other’s sense of humor and we try to do things every day to bring a smile to the other person’s face. 
We Date
This was something that we had to relearn when we moved in together, and it’s something we still work on. Noelle has always had the notion, and it’s a great one, that you can never stop dating. In that spirit, we love to go on little adventures together, whether it’s a baseball game, the horse races, weekend getaways, family events, or trips to the lake. We also realize that you don’t always have to go out for it to be a date. A barbeque night with Jack Daniels and a movie is a perfectly acceptable date. 
It’s the Little Things
We realize that money isn’t everything and that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun (see barbeque date above). While the diamond necklace, fancy clothes and new road bike would be nice to have, we know it won’t make us happy. Little things, like random flowers, little notes, and random trips are just as exciting and make the best memories. 
We’re Best Friends
Anytime anything big happens in my life Noelle is the first to know. She comforts me when I’m feeling down, encourages me to keep on going, supports me when I’m having a tough time, and celebrates all of my little accomplishments. She genuinely cares about what happened during my day and wants to know everything about me. We both consider ourselves lucky that we get to wake up next to each other and come home to one another.
We Work At It
This kind of ties into everything else in this post, but we know that relationships can be difficult sometimes, just like life. We’re constantly working on how to be better people and better partners. The great thing though, is that when you love someone, truly love them, it doesn’t feel like work. It’s something that you want to do. Something that you wake up every morning excited to do. 
I think the biggest reason as to why “we work” is due to the fact that we love each other. It’s hard to break down love and your relationship into finite little parts to explain why it works. When you’re in love everything just works, all these little things come natural and they are all things that you want to do to make the other person happy. It’s an amazing experience to walk through life with the mindset of “us” instead of “me”. 
I love Noelle and I know she loves me. I can’t wait for this next stage of our life and the many adventures that we will share together. We both know that we will change, we both know that life will change, but we know that we want to go through it together. And I think that is the reason why we work. 
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