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Wedding Wednesday-First dress fitting

“We need to talk to you about your dress. Call us back ASAP” is never the voicemail a bride to be wants to get three months before her wedding but that was the message I got a couple weeks ago. I started going into worst case scenario mode. The dress won’t be happening and all the people I obsessively sent 20 pictures of it to will think I got so fat I couldn’t fit into my dress. (Evel Knievel couldn’t make the jumps my mind makes!)
It turns out my lovely bridal salon leaves voicemails to all their brides like this so they will call them back. Mark my words, some bridezilla is going to march into that place and go all Solange in an elevator on these women and it will be justified.
Since my dress wasn’t supposed to be ready until July I had no plan of going anytime soon, meaning my Mom who resides in Boston would not be going to my first dress fitting. Since Dino Boy’s mother and grandmother would be at our home to celebrate Mother’s Day I figured this would be a perfect way to include these amazing women into a fun part of the wedding planning process.
After some tears, a discussion of veil or no veil and some giggles over my neon pink underwear (oops!) I was able to get some quick shots with the women that raised Dino Boy to be the dino-mite guy that he is! It’s a photo I will always cherish!
Who did you bring to your dress fitting?
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My favorite looks from the Billboard Awards

Lucy Hale looked beautiful and cheery in this youthful dress. I want this in my closet right now!
Carrie Underwood took a risk with this one and I love it. The color isn’t what I expected her to wear but if anyone can pull it off it’s her!
2014 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals
Miranda Lambert is killing it this year. What better way to show off that hot new figure than in a bright pink dress meant for Las Vegas!
Shakira looked great in this beautiful blue dress. Love the cut and if I had a body like hers I would certainly be showing it off like that!
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Weekend inspiration- talk about the joys in life

It has become a habit for so many of us to see the negative in situations, to pity ourselves for the situation we are in, to complain to people around us but really how is that you to change whatever is going on in your life? We have become so wrapped up in these situations in our lives we forget to share the joys. When was the last time you shared wonderful news with people? Why aren’t we championing our ability to perfect that Pinterest recipe, or finally being able to get that morning routine down in under 30 minutes. When we share these positive thoughts with other people we are able to include them in great goals we have accomplished. It’s time to share that dorky hobby you have with a neighbor, it’s time to tell that stranger on the street that you love her scarf and to tell your significant other how great they are at something. It’s time to share that positive energy with e world, you will be amazed at what happens!

Sunday Saying- Not All Who Wander Are Lost

not all who wander are lost

Sipping Saturday- Cookies and cream milkshake cocktail

I have been craving a cold little milkshake drink with this 90 degree heat this week. Unfortunately, I have been gluten and dairy free so regular ice cream is out of the question. I created a super yummy cold cocktail that is sure to keep you cool and a little tipsy!

Add one scoop of coconut milk ice cream, one shot of amaretto, one shot of coconut rum and a dash of coconut flake in a cup.
Stir and pour into martini glass.

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Wedding Wednesday-Engagement photos!

Dino Boy and I got our engagement photos done last Sunday and I’m so happy with the results! After the first ten minutes of super awkward moments trying to get comfortable in front of the camera, my father complaining about how much kissing we were doing, and a set of chapped lips, I am so happy with the results. Take a look and tell me what you think!
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Sunday saying-happiness is the key to success

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