Growing up 101

At what age is it really time to throw in the Barbie towel and realize you are an adult? A human being in the world, all alone and left to fend for yourself? At what point does it become unacceptable to call Mom 4 times a day to tell her how overwhelmed you feel?

It’s a tough transition, if ‘Growing Up 101’ was an elective class in high school i would have taken it……and failed. As much as we want to believe every person grows up at the same pace that is certainly not true. We all evolve differently and measure the success of our development in completely different ways. 

I didn’t go to a fancy school, I don’t drive a luxury car. I wake up early, drive to work, spend all day with toddlers, go home, make dinner and unwind with a man that I love. I wake up every morning with a joyful heart and go to bed counting my blessings. In my mind that’s what makes me a successful adult. When did you realize you were a grown up?

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