Sipping Saturday- bar cart

Just like every other girl I am obsessed with my bar cart! This vintage tea cart is absolutely breathtaking, with its fun features, beautiful carvings and great versatility this cart is a focal point in my living room.

The wine label is from Nordstrom and gives me a good laugh when I need it. I took an empty wine bottle and painted it with chalkboard paint. Sometimes it holds flowers, sometimes there is a message on it but right now it’s just blank.

Dino Boy and I have saved all of our corks through memorable occasions. Each one is labeled and the most recent ones are displayed in this little dish. We have the rest in a jar below, it’s a wonderful keepsake of all the fun events we have celebrated!

This is one of my favorites. It’s a personalized whiskey barrel that actually works as a mini keg. We flavor the whiskey, wait a couple weeks and enjoy on those crazy Saturday nights!

This is the busiest part of the bar cart but the lost used section. We have fun paper straws, cocktail toothpicks, a cocktail shaker, coasters, flowers, and a bottle opener. I was able to find pretty silver trays to keep everything in order and kept the same kind of color scheme thorough out so it wasn’t so busy!

This bar cart is well stocked and enjoyed by everyone! Do you have a bar cart? What is your go to cocktail?

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