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Sunday saying- realize the beauty of the world

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On Fridays we wear glitter!

I believe that on Fridays you need the sequins, you need the mini touch of a disco ball to celebrate the start of the weekend. Here are some of my favorite shiny confetti looking pieces to make your Friday a little more fun!
This scarf is amazing, it’s fun and yet tasteful. I would rock this with a classic button down, some skinny jeans and a pair of subtle flats. Let this scarf tell the world you are ready to party but only until 10 pm.

Love Quotes - Linen Lurex Eyelash Scarf (Bisque) Scarves

This glitter tote is a fun replacement to that boring black tote.

Vera Bradley - Summer Sparkle Tote (Midnight Paisley) Tote Handbags

These Kate Spade shoes are sure to be the new party shoes. They add a lot of spunk to anything you wear and make any day feel like a Friday!

Kate Spade New York Charm Glitter Heels

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150 days until we get married!

It’s pretty crazy to think that in 150 days I will be walking down the aisle (bawling my eyes out) and marrying my favorite dinosaur. I can’t even handle my excitement with this but I get a little overwhelmed thinking about all that I have to do. The diva attitudes, the checklist that never seems done, the spreadsheets that get more and more complicated, it seems like it doesn’t get worse than trying to plan a wedding these days.
I enjoyed this mini pity party for the stress I was dealing with until I read about other cultures. The Native American Hopi tribe has the bride go to her future mother in laws house and stay for three days. During this stay the bride has to grind cornmeal for her mother in law and her groom’s aunts come and attack the bride with mud. You guys, the bride gets covered in mud and yelled at.
I no longer can complain about what I deal with during this wedding. What was the most stressful part about wedding planning for you?

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Weekend getaways

Dino Boy and I have had something filling up every day on the calendar for the past couple weeks, I finally had enough! We decided to have a mini getaway and head to Monterey to relax and recharge before going back to the insanity that is somehow our lives these days! We took the convertible Saturday morning and headed on our way! There is something about the wind in your hair, Frozen blaring from the stereo and the love of your life in the passenger seat that makes you realize you are so blessed and all of those day to day worries seem useless.
We went whale watching, a first for both of us and a fantastic experience. I’m not one for sitting still for long periods of time but somehow time flew by so quickly. It was so wonderful looking at these ginormous beautiful creatures that just seem to be having so much fun. We had a couple swim up to our boat and play. Seeing whales blow bubbles and chase each other is probably the silliest thing I’ve seen.
I love having these getaways to rest, and reconnect with the ones you love. We came back last night with a clear mind, less worry and more love for one another and the obstacles we face on a day to day basis. Blessed is the one word that comes to my mind when I think about everything now. How blessed are we all to be alive and happy with one another! What is your favorite place to go for a weekend?
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5 Worst Dressed from the MTV Movie Awards

Shailene Woodley is an absolutely gorgeous girl that has rocked the red carpet for months but I just can’t forgive this train wreck of a crop top. The shoes would be amazing on something other than this pitiful ensemble. 
Rihanna reminded me that I needed to return a bathrobe set at Victoria’s Secret. While it looks comfy, it should be for walking around the house, not the red carpet.

Rita Ora looks like she may have gotten a little confused put her dress on backwards. I would have loved it if the neckline was higher but there is just more going on than I would like.


Bella Thorne looks like she got into an accident with a wood chipper on the way to the awards. I wish it was either two sleeves or just straps.


Pia Mia needs to keep this look in the 90’s. This Jasmine/Spice Girls look is just all kinds of awful.

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Top 5 looks from the MTV Movie Awards

Jessica Alba looked flawless in this fun and trendy number. I love the shoes as a fun pop without taking over the simple but youthful look.

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Leslie Mann looks fabulous in this polka dot print. I love the length, the slit, everything!
/home/sunshi62/public html/wp content/uploads/2014/04/Sunshine and Pearls movies mtv movie awards 2014 leslie mann
Christine Teigen is just absolute perfection. This flirty dress is something I would wear any chance I could! The cut and fun subtle print makes this one of my absolute favorites from her.
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Pat Curran’s suit is impeccable. I love how it is so perfectly tailored to him and I like that he added the gingham. If only he would have left that belt at home…
/home/sunshi62/public html/wp content/uploads/2014/04/Sunshine and Pearls pat curran mtv movie awards 2014