5 Worst Dressed from the MTV Movie Awards

Shailene Woodley is an absolutely gorgeous girl that has rocked the red carpet for months but I just can’t forgive this train wreck of a crop top. The shoes would be amazing on something other than this pitiful ensemble. 
Rihanna reminded me that I needed to return a bathrobe set at Victoria’s Secret. While it looks comfy, it should be for walking around the house, not the red carpet.

Rita Ora looks like she may have gotten a little confused put her dress on backwards. I would have loved it if the neckline was higher but there is just more going on than I would like.


Bella Thorne looks like she got into an accident with a wood chipper on the way to the awards. I wish it was either two sleeves or just straps.


Pia Mia needs to keep this look in the 90’s. This Jasmine/Spice Girls look is just all kinds of awful.

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