10 things to try this month- April

1. Go to the farmers market- With the gorgeous weather it’s a perfect time to spend a Sunday afternoon grabbing fresh fruit and vegetables for the week.
2. Finally buy a cute umbrella- April showers bring May flowers but April showers also brings gross weather that makes everyone feel yucky. Invest in a fun umbrella that is sure to brighten up your rainy day!
3. Go to the library- I have been loving my library visits recently, I get so excited picking out new books and my wallet is really appreciative of this as well!
4. Get a group of friends together to play slosh ball-go on a Saturday morning and get prepared for a night hangover!
5. Play a round of golf- If only for the opportunity to wear an adorable outfit! Golf is super relaxing and can be a ton of fun!
6. Leave your windows open- the breeze is amazing this time of year and the smell is so fresh.
7. Munch on some strawberries- They are fresh and so yummy! Mix them in a smoothie, make strawberry shortcake, dip them in brown sugar, just enjoy them!
8. Go to a drive in movie- The weather is great, the movies are showing later and it’s always a fun time! Grab some blankets, pack some dessert and enjoy a late night flick.
9. Host a tea party- Grab some girlfriends together, get dressed up, wear fun hats and catch up in a civilized manner!
10. Visit a botanical garden- Go out and look at some gorgeous flowers that will make anyone want to celebrate spring!
What do you want to try this month?
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