Why Scandal Thursday nights are becoming Scandal Friday nights

Between a five am wake up call, working ten to fourteen hour days, wedding planning, events with friends and just those day to day things that take up so much time, my sleep has become something at the bottom of my daily to do list. I come home exhausted, complain to Dino Boy than somehow ramp up on fumes at ten pm only to be found at two am passed out on the couch with a law and order  svu playing in the background. After many hissey fits, and full fledged threatens to drag me to bed, Dino boy suggested maybe I play Netflix on my iPad before bed to unwind. He suggested we always go to bed at the same time and suggested a plan to wean off of the TV shows for bed time. I thought this kid is so smart, who thinks of these things?! You know who thinks of these things? People writing books on how to sleep train children. Homeboy is sleep training a twenty five year old and I couldn’t be more grateful.
I will be honest I’m obsessed with Scandal, I’m super focused at ten. Ten thirty rolls around and I’m out. I lately have stopped even attempting the episode and look forward to date night with Dino boy. We have some bbq, some whiskey and some Kerry Washington. Thursdays are not the new Fridays, Fridays are the new lets pretend we can still remain current and hip even though we will soon need the early bird special. 
What do you do to help fall asleep? Is the scandal 10 pm start time killing you?
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