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Sunday Sayings
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Sipping Saturday- lemonade stand edition

For Wedding Wednesday I talked about my lemonade stand and mentioned a signature drink. This is it! I filled a mason jar with fresh lemonade and added two shots of rum. I also added an ounce of honey and mixed the ingredients. I added a fresh lemon wedge as a garnish. It’s the perfect summertime drink!
What’s your favorite seasonal drink?
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National puppy day!

It’s national puppy day so you get an entire post of pictures of cute puppies. You are welcome.
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Sweating for the wedding

With the wedding less than 6 months away I’m starting to stress about getting it together and cutting out my unhealthy snack foods to get ready for the dress! I have put on some serious love chub and ready to lose the weight and keep it off! I have a wonderful fiancée that tells me I’m beautiful every chance he gets and I love that, I think every girl needs a man who supports her and appreciates her beauty no matter what size. I think the thing I forgot about in this was I fell in love and had this relationship with him, I forgot about staying in love with my body. I’m ready now though. I’m ready to treat my body the way it deserves to be treated, to take care of it and respect its wishes. I’ve added small workouts to my crazy busy schedule, packed healthier snacks for the car and avoided that late snack snacking on the couch. I’m ready to put my best foot forward and get healthy! What have you been doing to stay healthy and love the body you are in?
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Wedding Wednesday-Lemonade Stand

I absolutely love our venue but one of the things that fully sold me on it was this lemonade stand!
How cute is this little piece?! We will be filling out mason jar beverage dispensers with different lemonades and a signature drink, a lemonade with a kick (Look for the drink recipe on my Sipping Saturday this week!) I have had such a fun time finding little decorations to bring this sunny little spot to life! What was the best part of your wedding? What sold you on the venue?
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I need a nap and some wine ASAP

In the past week I’ve:
1. Accidentally ran a red light
2. Gone to work with two different pairs of shoes on
3. Fallen asleep while sitting up answering emails
5. Left my wallet on the kitchen table
6. Left my wallet at target
7. Double booked three appointments
8. Ate peanut butter out of a jar with my finger while driving
9. Made four spelling errors I’m just this post
10. Make it five now ^
I need some serious help in getting my life together.

St. Patrick’s Day finds

If you are anything like me you would be in your closet in a panic this morning trying to find a green something to avoid being pinched by the creepy guy in the cubicle next to you. If I had my stuff together I would have added these fun finds to my wardrobe to avoid looking like a mess!

Badgley Mischka - Kiara (Emerald Green Satin) High Heels Trina Turk Goldtone Blue and Green Statement Necklace Trina Turk Goldtone Blue and Green Cuff Bracelet Christin Michaels - Kathryn Shift Dress (Navy Green Chevron) Women's Dress

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