My date had a crab problem

Sometimes I think about how lucky I am to have Dino Boy in my life, I remember how many awful first dates I had to gone on to find my dream guy. Every girl gets together with her friends and commiserates about their awful first date afterward. Every time we have these discussions I beat those awful first date stories with this one:
I was taking to a guy on and he seemed like a normal guy (they all do at this stage). We talked about my kickball team, his job, the normal stuff….we agreed to meet up for dinner and drinks on a Friday night. I met him at his apartment (first mistake) and when he came down the stairs he was carrying a puppet. Yes, A PUPPET. Most girls would walk away at this point but because I’m an idiot and always curious so I stayed. He didn’t make any reference to it so I didn’t either. We sat down at a table, he told me he didn’t eat meat (that’s not going to work for me) and ordered a side salad. I ordered and knew this was going to be a long night. All of a sudden our conversation was being talked out of by a stuffed crab puppet. You guys he introduced it as crabby crab!!! I politely sat through dinner and got out of there as fast as I could. I said goodbye and thought I would never hear from him again. The next day I got a picture message of his crab with the caption “crabby crab wants a second date” Bad dates happen to good people. Luckily, the next week I met the man I’m going to marry and I’m so excited about that! Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs (or crabs!) to find your prince charming!
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