It’s only stupid if it doesn’t work

Growing up baseball season was a magical time. My Dad has a serious obsession with the Red Sox and it rubbed off on all of us. While I don’t have Sox themed tattoos or work from home on day games I’ve always loved the game and enjoy watching it as much as possible.
When I met Dino Boy he warned me he was a huge fan but he didn’t live in an Mlb gift shop so I figured it was a minor obsession. Last year, my dad showed Dino Boy his gnome….yes my 59 year old father has a Red Sox themed gnome. He explained the process of the gnome.
When the Red Sox win the gnome gets to stay in it’s “home” When the Red Sox lose the home moves. When it’s a really bad game the gnome wears a hat to shield it’s eyes.
Dino Boy laughed it off but didn’t think anything of it. Then the Red Sox won and he began to think about it again.
This morning Dino Boy showed me what his desk currently looks like and it looks like someone is creating his own gnome superstition with the San Francisco Giants. Do you have any superstitions when it comes to sports?
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