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Valentines day date

Do you ever have one of those weeks that makes you feel like your to do list is taking over and you will never get all of it done? I’m having that now and I’m so excited to finally have a weekend off to celebrate with the best boy! Last year we celebrated Valentines day on the 15th due to distance and it looks like our special date this year will be that way as well.
On the 14th we will be enjoying a beautiful meal made by Dino Boy (ladies, marry a man who cooks…..he can fart, snore and burp if he makes dinner every night and the love chub I have gained due to his culinary abilities prove this! ) and cuddle up with House of Cards. Last year we both dressed up for dinner at home so I thought it might be fun to do the same this year. I’m busting out this gorgeous red lace Kate spade dress!
On the 15th we will head until the city to grab cocktails with family and then go out to dinner and then go see Tom Papa at a comedy club.
What are you ladies doing this weekend?
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Wedding Wednesday: how to ask bridesmaids

I’m super excited to include my favorite girls on my wedding day! I tried to figure out a cute way to ask my lovely women and I finally did!
In a pink bakery box I put a cute kraft card with a sweet note and a mason jar cookie saying having a ball since whatever year I met my fabulous friends. 
How are you asking your bridesmaids?
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Warby Parker for Valentines day

I’m the worst fiancée ever…..last year I made Dino Boy this heartfelt gift and scrapbook, I spent a month trying to pick out the perfect present. This year, I have worked long days sometimes nights on top of that, tried to get wedding stuff done and I just haven’t had the time to sit and think about a great Valentines day gift. A couple of days ago we hopped in his car and he complained that he broke another pair of glasses. I’m telling you guys this kid goes through them like no body’s business. Cheap Target sunglasses just aren’t cutting it anymore so I went on a search for a nice new pair for him. I wanted good quality ones that are hip and trendy. You guys, if you still haven’t gotten the boy a gift head over to Warby Parker! The cutest glasses with a try on at home program?! Win win! Plus, when you buy a pair of glasses they give a pair to someone in need. If I can help someone out while doing retail therapy I will take it! Take a look and tell me which one is your favorite and I’ll share Dino Boys reaction after Valentine’s day!
Check them out here
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Getting through the Olympics in three easy steps

I’m all for team spirit, healthy goals and fun competitions. What I’m not all for is losing Dino boy for four hours every night.
I can enjoy some sassy figure skating routines but after an hour I’m done, I don’t want to watch women ski around some loop and then shoot at some small hole. I’m just going to be real here, I don’t have an athletic bone in my body. Shooters to me involved something delicious at a bar not some crazy competition in the Olympics….
I decided to merge both the Olympics and alcoholic beverages in a joint post. If only I could figure out a drinking game that incorporates this! Any suggestions?
How to make a White Russian:
1.Mix 1.5 ounces vodka, 3/4 ounces Kahlua and 3/4 ounces of heavy cream in a shaker
2. Serve in a high ball glass over ice
3. Somehow get through the next two weeks of these competing

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I’ve had quite an internal struggle about posting this but in the end I decided that I needed to get this off my chest and be completely honest with all of you. I’ve had a really tough time with anxiety recently. I used to be the biggest worry wart, I had panic attacks getting on planes, I made my parents do mock fire drills, I was a nightmare. I worked really hard to overcome all of it but recently it’s become an issue again. I’m good with a lot of things but when I get in the car I get insanely nervous. I have had fights with so many people about my fake passenger brake, my clutching the seat and my general anxiety in the car.
Today was pouring rain, I can’t handle driving in the rain (my driving recorded clearly proves this!) I drive so slow, I am so worried about crashing, flipping or just feeling out of control. Tonight I needed to get to work, there was no excuse I could use to get out of driving on the freeway in pouring rain. I sat in my car hoping for some magical way out of this and I finally did. I sat and I prayed. “Please God protect me on this journey, keep me safe, out of harms way and keep my fellow drivers safe on their journeys as well.” 
Once I said that a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, I knew I had a wonderful protector in my passenger seat and I could keep on keeping on. My word over the next couple weeks will be conquered: I need God to help me conquer this anxiety, to show me the path I need to be on, and to help me get back on the right path.
What is your word?
In this world you will have trouble. But
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Rain rain go away

I have been in full cocoon mode all week, this rain is killing me! For some reason the second it starts to sprinkle I immediately turn into a witch that’s afraid to melt. I had things booked on multiple nights this week and instead curled up on the couch with Dino Boy rewatching House of Cards. (Does anyone else have season two as their valentines day date?) There is something about the dreary look outside that makes me feel like it is totally okay to be the most unproductive person ever. But every time the sun comes out I realize just how behind I am! What is your motivation to get through this yucky weather?

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Late wedding wednesday!

If you are wondering why there wasn’t a wedding Wednesday yesterday i’ll tell you: I picked up my ring yesterday after getting it resized and I just stared at it all day. First, can we discuss how little my hands are? I had a size 5 ring finger, Dino Boy needed to go to Utah to pick up a child sized engagement ring. Second, every time I look down I smile, freak out a little and then get super giddy. I don’t know if any of you have been on this emotional roller coaster but for me I’m crying 80% of the day. I cry when there is a wedding dress commercial , or a Subaru commercial (they get me every time!) or basically any slow music moment Dino Boy will find me curled up on the couch in years. This new ring thing is witchcraft, all of a sudden I’m some woman filled tapped into her emotions and its killing me. I cried at the checkout the other day when I saw a wedding magazine and realized I could buy it without any judgment, I mean I never tried to buy one before I was engaged, that would be craziness right? Is anyone else on this roller coaster ride of emotion?