Choo choo to do to do

Do you know those days where nothing goes your way? That was yesterday for me……too much caffeine, a to do list a mile long, fun wedding contracts I needed to review and a huge delay on the train.    I’ve tried to drink more water in trying to get healthy for this wedding but yesterday I sat on the train for an hour and a half needing to pee. Why an hour and a half for what should be a 20 minute ride you ask? Because some hooligan jumped on the tracks. Clearly the only thing on his to do list was to hold everyone up. 
I could have been really mad but sitting on a subway car full of strangers screaming just isn’t my style. Instead I answered emails, caught up on blog posts, and helped strengthen my bladder. By the time I got off the train my email list was finished, my conversations with friends were all caught up, I wrote out a full schedule for the week and was more relaxed and felt more accomplished than I have in a while. It’s amazing what a forced time to get things done can do for your mind, body and to do list. I think I need to start getting stuck I’m trains more often, or at least carve out more time every day for my to do list. What helps you get things done?
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