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Choo choo to do to do

Do you know those days where nothing goes your way? That was yesterday for me……too much caffeine, a to do list a mile long, fun wedding contracts I needed to review and a huge delay on the train.    I’ve tried to drink more water in trying to get healthy for this wedding but yesterday I sat on the train for an hour and a half needing to pee. Why an hour and a half for what should be a 20 minute ride you ask? Because some hooligan jumped on the tracks. Clearly the only thing on his to do list was to hold everyone up. 
I could have been really mad but sitting on a subway car full of strangers screaming just isn’t my style. Instead I answered emails, caught up on blog posts, and helped strengthen my bladder. By the time I got off the train my email list was finished, my conversations with friends were all caught up, I wrote out a full schedule for the week and was more relaxed and felt more accomplished than I have in a while. It’s amazing what a forced time to get things done can do for your mind, body and to do list. I think I need to start getting stuck I’m trains more often, or at least carve out more time every day for my to do list. What helps you get things done?
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Wedding Wednesday- saving the date!

I have had the hardest time committing to a save the date. The whole pressure of it setting the tone for our wedding really got to me, I changed my mind so many times and drove Dino Boy up the wall. We wanted an industrial kind of feel while maintaining this wildflower feel, when I found these save the dates I knew these were the ones I was going to send out. I forwarded them to Dino Boy who loved them but was worried that once again I would change my mind. After a week of making sure this was finally the one I ordered them. They came in the mail the other day and I have to admit I may have done a little dance….I’m not proud of it but it clearly needed to be celebrated! This is what they look like!

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 Did you guys have a hard time stay committed to a save the date?
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Absence makes the heart grow fonder

When I come home from work tonight the house will be completely empty…..and I’m really excited for that! Dino Boy is headed to the lake house with his fraternity brothers and I’m headed to the couch to catch up on some trashy tv and some popcorn. Every couple of months Dino boy goes out of town and I have the place to myself to catch up on craft projects, clean, have girls nights and do all of those weird things you did before you moved in together. I think its a wonderful break for us to do things independently, and to nurture the relationships we have. What do you do when the boys are away?
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Help out a super awesome teacher!

Have you ever had a teacher that inspired you to learn something new every day, to push you and motivate you until you believe in yourself? Well you are about to meet a super duper awesome teacher that I’m lucky enough to call my sister.
She needs help finding the money to supply her classroom with a tablet that can be used as a teaching program, to encourage kids with positive reinforcement and a fun new way of looking at technology.
Mrs. Rhine is the kind of woman that would buy this for her classroom out of her cabinet, but should she have to? No! As a community I think we need to rally around teachers more and support them both emotionally and financially.
Help out Mrs. Rhine and a great group of kids by clicking on the link below and donating. Every dollar makes a difference!

Sipping Saturday- Tequila Mockingbird

The sunshine around here is certainly welcome, I’m so excited to break out the sundresses again!
Every year I have played Kickball in a drinking league that is a ton of fun. Our team name was Tequila Mockingbirds and we lived up to the name. By the end of my first season I was knocking back shots like the rest of the boys. With the warm weather and constant running around we made a cool drink to stay hydrated and a little drunk. In honor of the heat and since it’s national Margarita day I thought I would share the simplest way to enjoy a yummy frozen treat.
Simple scoop some line sorbet into a glass with a salted rim and pour tequila over it. Enjoy!
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Wedding Wednesday- Dress shopping

Today I went dress shopping with my mom and sister and found the dress I never knew I wanted. Everyone kept telling me try on a dress you never would have tried on and I’m so glad that I did. For years I have imagined wearing a simple tea length dress and never would have thought of a bigger dress. Today, I went to a bridal salon that had the dress that I have lusted over in bridal magazines, I tried it on and felt nothing. I was so worried that the whole event was going to be boring, not monumental and just blah…..I kept trying on dresses and after about ten I found a dress I put on and immediately got emotional. This was the gown I was going to wear when I marry my best friend. I cried, I showed my family and I was so excited to walk out of the store in this dress. Because Dino boy reads my blog I can’t show you the dress but I can give you a preview! 🙂
 What does your dream wedding dress look like?
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A Family Affair

I’m finally taking a break from steaming the carpets, cleaning the bathroom, straightening up the office and preparing to host my family for dinner. Every month we all get together as a family and catch up! It’s a wonderful break from our busy schedules to just sit, have a glass of wine and enjoy the company. I think sometimes we take for granted our relationships with family and neglect to maintain that bond. I can’t imagine not being able to call my sister when I have some wedding crisis or my Dad when my car makes that funny noise. It’s great to have that permanent support system and to also be able to be that support system for them as well. So tonight, call someone in your family, catch up and thank them for all that they do for you!

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