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So I’m still running off adrenaline from getting engaged this weekend! Check out the ring on my instagram and get ready for the first Wedding Wednesday this week, Dino Boy will share his side of getting engaged.
I am a creature of habit, I wake up at the exact same time every morning, I eat the same things for lunch, some call it boring I call it being productive without making decisions. Anyways, every Monday I have a playlist that gets me ready for the week ahead and I figured I would share with all of you lovely ladies!
My getting out of bed and preparing myself for the day music is normally Hey Monea, they just have a fun, fresh and funky vibe that makes me excited to be alive, even if it’s at 5:30 in the morning.  Hey Monea is the kind of band that I rock out to in my underwear while getting ready and I have no shame in that. Get that hair brush and bad 90’s dance moves ready, you will be shaking that money maker in no time.
Awolnation’s Sail has been my getting into the car, it 6 am and I have no desire to drive to work anthem. Within a minute I’m belting out the tune and people in the cars around me are looking at me like I’m crazy.
The House of the Rising Sun somehow always ends up on a driving playlist for me. Don’t ask me why but its essential. I’m a horrible driver and my road rage builds throughout my commute, this song seems to do the trick for me.
Clinton Sparks’s Gold Rush is my current guilty pleasure song. I love the beat and it just puts me in a good mood.
Mandisa’s Good Morning has been another song I listen to in the morning no matter what. Christian music is essential for me, especially in the morning. I like starting my day praising The Lord in such a fun way!
I have a pretty easy commute and I’m able to kind of time Ben Rector’s The Beat to be the last song before heading into craziness. I can’t help but sing along and helps prep me for the day. 
James Wolpert and Will Champlin seem to make appearances on my morning playlists as well. Loved the song choices and the crazy talent both of these men possess. Their fashion choices didn’t hurt them either. 
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