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10 date ideas under $10

Dino Boy and I made a resolution to continue dating each other. It seems like a kind of weird idea considering we are getting married but I think with all the craziness going on it’s important to have that one on one time that doesn’t involve cake tastings, chores around the house, family get togethers etc….. Here are some fun date ideas that don’t break the bank:

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1. Go bowling
2. Go for a hike and pack a picnic lunch
3. Join Netflix and find a new show to watch together
4. Take a free factory tour
5. Volunteer
6. Have a game night
7. Go to the farmers market
8. Go see a high school play
9. Go star gazing
10. Tour a historical building in town
What are some fun date ideas that you have done?
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Top 5 looks from the Grammys

Taylor Swift brought her a game and I’m so glad she did. She looks polished, poised and radiant!
Anna Faris made me fall in love with this shade of blue, may even be a wedding color. I love the navy tone with the fun but classy structure.
Miranda Lambert is my absolute favorite and can we talk about how amazing she loos?! I like a woman flaunting beautiful curves!
This fun orange was breathtaking. It’s fun and youthful but also brings enough glam to wear on the red carpet
I was not a fan of Kacey’s dress but that makeup is amazing!! She deserved all the recognition she got last night!
What was your favorite look of the Grammys?
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Wedding Wednesday- The Proposal

Disclaimer–I’m not a blogger so this may or may not be a fun read. I’ll allow you to be the judge. My wonderful fiancé (still getting used to that) Noelle, has asked that I, Dino Boy as you all seem to know me by, make the first post for her upcoming series “Wedding Wednesdays” and explain the process of and my side of the story on our engagement.
Little to Noelle’s knowledge I had been planning the engagement for around a month before I finally popped the question. I knew back in November that I wanted to ask Noelle to marry me, the next phase was just finding the right jeweler to help design the ring of her dreams.
In late December I was able to meet with a jeweler who had done quite a bit of work for my family. The hardest part through all it was having to 1. Lie to Noelle about where I was going and 2. Keep everything a secret. Luckily, this was also around Christmas, Noelle’s birthday, and my sister having a wedding so everyone was very distracted.
A few weeks later, the ring was complete and I had the wonderful task of trying to hide the ring in our apartment and keep my mouth shut. When you’re planning on getting engaged, it seems like all of the sudden everyone around you is doing the same thing
After receiving permission from her father it was even harder for me to keep my mouth shut, especially since I had the green light on everything. Noelle and I had planned an “us” weekend a few weeks ahead of time and I knew I would be the weekend that I would pop the question.
We had originally planned a wine tasting weekend which was perfect in my book. Naturally, I began planning and invited my cousin, who is one of our close friends as well as Noelle’s sister. Noelle, through me for a loop when a few weeks before she started asking if I wanted to just go to the city or do something a little more low key (she claims to have no idea I was planning this, I was certain she was testing me).
After some convincing and reassuring we were back on track for the wine tasting weekend. We rented a limo and after a few back and forths and settled on going to Livermore for an afternoon of wine tasting.
We packed a picnic lunch, I hid the ring in my pocket (which I was certain everyone could see) and we set off in the limo, picking up my cousin and Noelle’s sister and brother in law. The first winery we went to was Concannon winery which is right down the road from where I grew up. 
Concannon has a big victorian house on their property which has been one of the landmarks for anyone driving down Tesla road in Livermore. It used to be run down and pretty ugly looking but they have since remodeled the outside and it looks amazing. When we pulled up I knew that would be the place that I would ask. It was a beautiful setting which was set off a little bit from the winery itself providing some seclusion.
After some wine tasting, followed by a nice picnic lunch and some more wine I, along with my cousin (who was the only person who knew what I was planning on doing) convinced everyone that we should go take a look at the house.
Noelle was a little reluctant but everyone eventually agreed to go take a look. I went up on the porch, Noelle followed, and my cousin went around the corner to “look at the back of the house” with Noelle’s sister. Naturally, Noelle walked right off the porch and followed them around the corner too.
We all rather awkwardly walked around the house as I brainstormed how I was going to be able to get her back up on the porch. When we got back around I said, “come on, Noelle, lets go get a picture on the front porch for the scrapbook”
Noelle, naturally said, “Let’s just get one at the next winery, I left my camera in the limo.” Thankfully, my cousin had filled in Noelle’s sister and they all convinced her to get up on the porch and take a picture.
We snapped a few shots, then I looked at her, gave her a kiss, and said I need to ask you a question. I got down on one knee, and went through my little speech. I then opened the ring box and asked her to marry me.
She immediately kissed me, at which point I said, “You still need to say yes!” She promptly said yes and I asked if she liked the ring. Her response “I don’t know! I haven’t even looked at it!”
I put it on her finger and got the thumbs up that I did good. We took a quick little stroll around the winery together, went back to the limo and had some champagne before preceding the next winery where we relived the moment for the rest of the afternoon.
It was one of the happiest and greatest moments of my life. I just keep thinking to myself, if the engagement was so awesome, I can only imagine how great the wedding will be!
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Manic Monday playlist

So I’m still running off adrenaline from getting engaged this weekend! Check out the ring on my instagram and get ready for the first Wedding Wednesday this week, Dino Boy will share his side of getting engaged.
I am a creature of habit, I wake up at the exact same time every morning, I eat the same things for lunch, some call it boring I call it being productive without making decisions. Anyways, every Monday I have a playlist that gets me ready for the week ahead and I figured I would share with all of you lovely ladies!
My getting out of bed and preparing myself for the day music is normally Hey Monea, they just have a fun, fresh and funky vibe that makes me excited to be alive, even if it’s at 5:30 in the morning.  Hey Monea is the kind of band that I rock out to in my underwear while getting ready and I have no shame in that. Get that hair brush and bad 90’s dance moves ready, you will be shaking that money maker in no time.
Awolnation’s Sail has been my getting into the car, it 6 am and I have no desire to drive to work anthem. Within a minute I’m belting out the tune and people in the cars around me are looking at me like I’m crazy.
The House of the Rising Sun somehow always ends up on a driving playlist for me. Don’t ask me why but its essential. I’m a horrible driver and my road rage builds throughout my commute, this song seems to do the trick for me.
Clinton Sparks’s Gold Rush is my current guilty pleasure song. I love the beat and it just puts me in a good mood.
Mandisa’s Good Morning has been another song I listen to in the morning no matter what. Christian music is essential for me, especially in the morning. I like starting my day praising The Lord in such a fun way!
I have a pretty easy commute and I’m able to kind of time Ben Rector’s The Beat to be the last song before heading into craziness. I can’t help but sing along and helps prep me for the day. 
James Wolpert and Will Champlin seem to make appearances on my morning playlists as well. Loved the song choices and the crazy talent both of these men possess. Their fashion choices didn’t hurt them either. 
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Live colorfully

Do you love Kate Spade as much as I do? It’s a serious obsession and as much as I always see “live colorfully” I’ve never really sat and thought about how one actually does love colorfully! Today, after many unexpected but well deserved (treat yo self!) wardrobe purchases I found a fun colorful necklace. Maybe it was the bright colors or maybe the adrenaline from buying far more than I should have but I snatched that little statement necklace and had it around my neck a half hour later. It’s funny that adding a pop of color gives you a little pop of happiness. Living colorfully is about being happy, having fun in fashion and in your life. I’m going to start being more open to adding colorful accessories into my every day wardrobe. What makes you happy when it comes to fashion?
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Book review-Being a Rockefeller

Last week I picked up Being a Rockefeller Becoming Myself. I have had a hard time with family dynamics lately and thought this might be a pleasant distraction and a reminder that every family has difficulties. It was an incredible book about the troubles any person has with developing your own identity and exploring the relationship you have with yourself as well as the relationship with your family. It’s tough to find yourself, add a famous last name and high expectations and you have a recipe for one stressed out kid. Eileen did a wonderful job of expressing her frustrations and how she was able to overcome these obstacles and create lasting adult relationships with her siblings. Every family has a different set of dynamics and while its easy to presume the rich have it easy this book is honest in sharing the troubles and triumphs of being a Rockefeller.

Let me give you a hand with that!

I’m a sucker for crazy kind of items to go in our house. Antlers, fun ribbons, crazy vases and jars are all things that I believe every house should have. I was walking by Z. Gallerie after Halloween and found this funky gold skeleton hand. While most people would view it as a seasonal item I knew it needed to be in our house year round. After various spots in the house and Dino Boy asking “wtf?!” I finally found the perfect use for this bad boy: a ring holder!
How fun is that?! Plus, it makes me wear my funky rings more since they are out on display. What’s one fun piece in your house? 
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