The guys behind the mask

I’m ashamed to admit I’m in love with a mascot….actually 4 of them. Before rumors start swirling about Dino Boy let me enlighten you on my latest obsession. Behind The Mask is a show about 4 mascots in different stages of their “mascot career” I honestly love the superman feeling when learning about these crazy guys. You see these guys transform into amazing characters all while staying true to themselves, it’s so endearing. Pop the popcorn and close the blinds, here comes the new guilty pleasure.
Rooty the tree is quite possibly the most entertaining. If you ever felt like you were the most awkward kid in high school, this guy will prove you wrong! He may be an awkward 16-year-old that plays with train sets but put a costume on the kid and he lights up like a Christmas tree.
Hey Reb likes his job so much that he’s taken 6 years to graduate! He’s a party animal on and off the court which makes it so endearing. He’s a guy that wears the mask even when it’s not necessary. His last year provides laughs and a ton of tears
Tux the penguin is doing all he can to make it to the big leagues. With the help of his son and fiancée he provides a feel good time with a Canadian accent. That all you need, ehh?
Bango is kind of a big deal….he does ladder dunks, hurts himself on a regular basis and dresses his children up as baby Bangos on the court. You can’t help but smile with this guy. TV gold right here!
Check out Behind The Mask on Hulu to see the guys behind the mask and tell me what you think!
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