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Fashion festive- Andrew Marc

So last night was Dino Boy’s Christmas party and I had such a hard time figuring out what to wear! I finally went to Nordstrom (why don’t I ever go there first?!) and found this amazing dress by Andrew Marc:
You guys, if I could live in this dress I would! It was comfy, kept me super warm, and made me look super slim. I’ll be honest I may have had a double double burger, fries and whiskey before even getting to the party and I still managed to look like Christina Aguilera this season as opposed to last. A leopard clutch and this J. Crew necklace really made it pop! 
What did you guys wear to the yearly holiday party?
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Metallic Christmas Table

I absolutely love decorating for the holidays! I don’t think Dino boy realized the extent of my decorating until the holidays. There is something just so great about having a festive table. This year I went with metallics and am so glad I did, it was easy to do and I will be able to keep most accents up until January. What are you doing to decorate for the holidays?
 Here are some wonderful picks that can help you recreate the look! 

Paper Tassel Chandelier

Mod Mercury Votives

Glitter-Dipped Place Cards (10)Antiquitarian Silver Cake StandToile de Jute Table Runner 

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Elf on the shelf for adults

I’ll be honest, I hang out with kids all day and so I’m pretty sure I bring that child mentality back home with me. After reading elf on the shelf to the kiddos I realized I wanted to have one at our house. It’s normally meant to monitor kids and ensure that they are always on their best behavior. I thought to myself, shouldn’t we all have something that reminds us to do that? It seems silly but I decided to create an elf for myself, something to help me with my bad habits in a funny way… are some of my favorites so far
On the first day the elf decided it was time that I put more effort in my appearance…..if an elf can take the time to accessorize, shouldn’t I?
The elf also wanted me to get my act together and get moving earlier in the day. This pleasant reminder has kicked my butt into gear at 6 o clock in the morning.
I was also reminded to take it down a notch with the diet coke and drink more water. A hydrated elf is a happy elf…..a woman without diet coke though, that’s another story!
the elf reminded me I needed to dust above the fan. Just because its not at eye level doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be dusted.  No elf wants a dusty butt!
The elf elf reminded me to finish decorating the house for the holidays, it’s embarrassing to be sitting on the only Christmas decoration in the house!
The elf also reminded me that after a long work week I should be able to kick back, have a drink and relax! Don’t mind if I do!
What are some habits you are trying to break? Have you begin the elf on a shelf tradition?
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No Comments

I believe

I believe.....
I believe there is no greater high than online shopping
I believe watching Scandal should only be done with wine and popcorn
I believe cute underwear is a necessity for a good mood
I believe chubby babies are the best babies
I believe awkward kids in high school always come out on top (here’s to hoping!)
I believe a teen pop singalong is best enjoyed on a 6 am car ride to work
I believe people aren’t lucky they just work harder behind the scenes
I believe every girl deserves a guy that names them giggle every day
I believe Sunday mornings are the best part of the weekend
I believe dinner parties are the best kind of parties
I believe forehead kisses, dog kisses and baby snuggles are better than medicine
I believe nap time is essential for every adult
What do you believe in?
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Weekend inspiration- Cyber bullying

Yesterday I logged into tumblr to find this:
There are very few things that truly get my blood boiling but putting people down like this just makes me madder than Alec Baldwin without a Xanax. I believe in the power of positive energy and the good old saying ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ and when people feel the need to put someone else down I feel the need to step in. So many headlines these days are related to this awful thing and it truly breaks my heart. I was an incredibly awkward kid in high school and I was blissfully unaware of it. There are already so many things we all worry about on a day-to-day basis, what other people think about you shouldn’t be one. I think God is there to remind us of our value, how we were all created to be unique and it’s almost an insult to think we should mold into anything but the person the Lord wanted us to be. God expects us to treat one another with kindness and respect and when you put others down you also put down your Creator. Have you ever experienced cyber bullying? What did you do about it?
Haters gonna hateProverbs 9_8
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Sipping Saturday- Christmas cocktail

When the doctors told me I was no longer able to have gluten or dairy all I saw were loaves of bread, mac and cheese, chocolate and everything I have every craved go out the window. I’ll admit the pity party I threw myself didn’t have the appetizers or main courses that I once wanted I have an amazing man who was able to pick me up and find new recipes to prevent me from going hungry! Things have been great but I have been missing yummy cocktails. This Saturday I’m featuring a new series called Sipping Saturdays!
My first cocktail was named Noelle’s Christmas Cocktail after last years drunk Christmas night.
3 parts Amaretto
3 parts homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream
            recipe is here (gluten and dairy free!)
I put a couple ice cubes and then shake shake shake!!!
What’s your favorite cocktail?
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Make Way For Ducklings

As a child, my favorite memory had to be laying in bed and having my bedtime story be Make Way For Ducklings. It’s a book I treasure to this day due to the fact that I connected with this story on such a personal level. My mother read this book as a child and it was treasured throughout my extended family, I knew every time I read it that it was something special. Every child I take care of has a copy of the book in hopes that they soon will enjoy the magic of Robert McCloskey’s precious story of a family of ducks. When I went back to Boston the only thing on my list was to visit the duck sculpture I vividly remember climbing on as a child. I wanted to share the fun and nostalgia with Dino Boy and I’m so glad we could! What was your favorite childhood book?
 Make Way for Ducklings
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