Elf on the shelf for adults

I’ll be honest, I hang out with kids all day and so I’m pretty sure I bring that child mentality back home with me. After reading elf on the shelf to the kiddos I realized I wanted to have one at our house. It’s normally meant to monitor kids and ensure that they are always on their best behavior. I thought to myself, shouldn’t we all have something that reminds us to do that? It seems silly but I decided to create an elf for myself, something to help me with my bad habits in a funny way…..here are some of my favorites so far
On the first day the elf decided it was time that I put more effort in my appearance…..if an elf can take the time to accessorize, shouldn’t I?
The elf also wanted me to get my act together and get moving earlier in the day. This pleasant reminder has kicked my butt into gear at 6 o clock in the morning.
I was also reminded to take it down a notch with the diet coke and drink more water. A hydrated elf is a happy elf…..a woman without diet coke though, that’s another story!
the elf reminded me I needed to dust above the fan. Just because its not at eye level doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be dusted.  No elf wants a dusty butt!
The elf elf reminded me to finish decorating the house for the holidays, it’s embarrassing to be sitting on the only Christmas decoration in the house!
The elf also reminded me that after a long work week I should be able to kick back, have a drink and relax! Don’t mind if I do!
What are some habits you are trying to break? Have you begin the elf on a shelf tradition?
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