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Year in review

This year has been my best yet! I watched babies grow up, took fun vacations, was a part of major family changes, moved to a new place and fell even more in love with an incredible guy. God was good to me this year and I have to say its put me in an incredibly happy and peaceful place. 2013 was better than I could have ever imagined, I hope 2014 is just as great! What are you guys doing to celebrate the new year?
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Sequins all day every day!

I don’t know about you ladies but I feel like weekends are meant to be celebrated in sequins! Today I am going to a backyard wedding where I will bust out this bad boy! 
I paired this fun sequin BCBG dress with a simple mint cardigan from Target and some Michael Kors nude flats!
Tomorrow I turn the big 2-5! I will be celebrating with this Badgley Mischka shift dress with a denim jacket and western booties!
Do you ladies love sequins as much as I do? What is your go to outfit for the weekend?
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Sipping Saturday-raspberry pomegranate and champagne

I’ll be honest, I have mimosas more than I should, so for Christmas morning I decided to make something a little different. This is one of my favorite alternatives, it’s so full of champagne bubbles and is a cheery red color with the pomegranate juice!
This is all you need to add some cheer and help your sanity on Christmas morning. I add a splash of the Izze sparkling pomegranate juice, a lot of champagne and frozen raspberries to make this festive cocktail. 
What’s your morning cocktail for the holidays?
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24 things I’ve learned

My quarter life crisis has begun and I’m having a really tough time with it. I turn 25 in ten days and I can’t seem to wrap my head around it…..instead of looking at all of the things I thought I would have accomplished by now, I started a listof the 24 things I’ve learned in my 24 years.

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1. It’s okay to take a step back from people who aren’t healthy for you
2. That it feels really good to eat healthy
3. It also feels good to eat a damn cupcake
4. In order to have a successful relationship with anyone good communication is key
5. It’s good to be driven, just make sure it’s the right path
6. Money isn’t everything, wealth comes in all different ways
7. Theme parties are the best parties
8. Sometimes all you need is a good cry
9. Or a nap
10. Or a glass of wine
11. It’s always important to have a sense of faith
12. Never take your health for granted
13. When life gets crazy, go get your hair done
14. Go play outside
15. Have a go to dish on those crazy Monday nights
16. Be thankful
17. And show it
18. The sooner you start saving money the better
19. Police don’t like you challenging them on tickets
20. Always pay the meter
21. Gold, glitter and sequins are the way to my heart
22. Invest in a nice purse
23. That having a supportive partner is the difference between success and failure
24. Love yourself
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It’s time to party!

It’s time to party!!!! Slumber party that is! Every year the girls in my family get together and have a ton of wine, giggles and fun. My parents got divorced in high school so the holidays were always a tough time but my Mom worked hard to make sure we always had smiles on our faces. Every year on Christmas Eve we put on matching pajamas, down a couple bottles of wine and reminisce about the past year and share what we hope to do in the upcoming year. Every Christmas morning is a hungover one but still a ton of fun. Last year, my sister got married and we had a last single girl slumber party and had just as much fun. This year, I’m excited to have my girl bonding time and enjoy a family tradition I cherish. What is one of your favorite traditions for the holidays?

Black Boot Inspiration

While walking through the mall today I was inspired to buy some booties. They have never stuck out for me before, partially because I have gladiator calves and also because sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in the 50’s with my cardigans but I decided it was time to venture out of that. I found these bad boys, and with how great the sale was I was okay branching out without breaking the bank. I found a great Tracy Reese dress and figured it would be a perfect match. For an upcoming event I will be rocking the dress and booties and I can’t wait to try something new! Have you been branching out in fashion lately?

Plenty By Tracy Reese Slim Fit Sweater Dress

The guys behind the mask

I’m ashamed to admit I’m in love with a mascot….actually 4 of them. Before rumors start swirling about Dino Boy let me enlighten you on my latest obsession. Behind The Mask is a show about 4 mascots in different stages of their “mascot career” I honestly love the superman feeling when learning about these crazy guys. You see these guys transform into amazing characters all while staying true to themselves, it’s so endearing. Pop the popcorn and close the blinds, here comes the new guilty pleasure.
Rooty the tree is quite possibly the most entertaining. If you ever felt like you were the most awkward kid in high school, this guy will prove you wrong! He may be an awkward 16-year-old that plays with train sets but put a costume on the kid and he lights up like a Christmas tree.
Hey Reb likes his job so much that he’s taken 6 years to graduate! He’s a party animal on and off the court which makes it so endearing. He’s a guy that wears the mask even when it’s not necessary. His last year provides laughs and a ton of tears
Tux the penguin is doing all he can to make it to the big leagues. With the help of his son and fiancée he provides a feel good time with a Canadian accent. That all you need, ehh?
Bango is kind of a big deal….he does ladder dunks, hurts himself on a regular basis and dresses his children up as baby Bangos on the court. You can’t help but smile with this guy. TV gold right here!
Check out Behind The Mask on Hulu to see the guys behind the mask and tell me what you think!
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