The Power of Saying NO

If you ever sit in the grocery store check out and you see the magazine Psychology Today do me a favor and pick it up! Not only will you seem super smart next to the hot guy buying ice cream behind you but it is also full of amazing articles.
I have the disease to please and it cripples me almost every day. Do you ever have someone ask you to do them a favor and you know the answer should be “no” but instead “yes” comes out? I have run around looking like a chicken with it’s head cut off for more people than I would care to admit but somehow next time they ask me I always seem to say yes! I have an intense feeling of guilt if I say no to someone, even if it’s completely logical for me to be saying no.
I feel as though I’m presenting myself as better than them when I say no, like I should somehow have all of this spare time for everyone else when really half of my lunches are spent eating over the sink in between mopping and laundry. There is power in both yes and no, the trick is finding the right time to say each one! 
I can say yes and learn a new skill, make a new friend or end up crying in my car trying to figure out how I signed up to drive an extra half hour to pick up a friend of a friends birthday gift. Saying no can seem mean, rude or allow you to have the strength and inner peace to sort through what works and what won’t. 
It’s time to start saying no without any shame.

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