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Ya gotta have faith!

The past year has been a struggle…I was lost and couldn’t find a way to stay on this path I believed I should be on. I really was in need of guidance but the shame I felt prevented me from reaching out to my friends and family. One day I just gave up trying to figure out my life by myself, it was time to get help from The Lord. I realized I had the best gps system and I didn’t even use that tool. Slowly I started to  spend time every day talking to him, working through my problems. Some times I still felt lost but for the first time in a long time I knew it was going to be okay. The little cracks in my heart that were filled with self doubt and helplessness were soon filled with an intense desire to explore my  Creator with a full heart and a peaceful mind. It was a whole new world when I decided it was time to add a passenger to my road trip. I had someone I could share things with, laugh with, cry with and help me on those sharp turns. I’m blessed to find a church that when I can’t attend due to the craziness of my life I’m always able to sit in bed and listen to the podcasts, how cool is that?! How can you feel like life can go wrong with such a great companion on this crazy road trip called life!

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Are you content?

You know those days when you just sit down with a glass of wine and are completely content? By no means do I have everything together  but I realized I need to stop allowing other people’s standards to their lives become a burden on my own. I have healthy relationships with amazing people, I hang out with the best kids every day and I get to come home to a beautiful place. I don’t think we just sit and think about how much joy we have in our hearts. It’s time to change your standards. It’s time to take control of your life and set goals that are just for you! After a glass (or maybe two) I set my goals for the next month, 6 months, and year. 

What are some goals you have that are just for YOU?

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