Gift giving OCD

While everyone is out running around trying to find the best deal on Black Friday I got a facial. I am that girl. The truth is, all of my Christmas presents are bought, wrapped and ready to go. I would love to pretend that I’m a go with the flow, no stress around the holidays kind of girl, but that is just not me. In all honesty I had all my presents done in October, I wrapped in the beginning of November and then rewrapped last week when I realized the wrapping paper choices clashed. Yes, I said the wrapping paper choices clashed because I turn into an OCD crazy person once ‘its beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ starts playing at the nearest Target. With this major chore off my list, I’m now ready to set the table in a formal way, start prepping the tree, begin looking at recipes for Christmas treats and finally find that ‘Nsync Christmas album. What is one major chore on your list?

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