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Gift giving OCD

While everyone is out running around trying to find the best deal on Black Friday I got a facial. I am that girl. The truth is, all of my Christmas presents are bought, wrapped and ready to go. I would love to pretend that I’m a go with the flow, no stress around the holidays kind of girl, but that is just not me. In all honesty I had all my presents done in October, I wrapped in the beginning of November and then rewrapped last week when I realized the wrapping paper choices clashed. Yes, I said the wrapping paper choices clashed because I turn into an OCD crazy person once ‘its beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ starts playing at the nearest Target. With this major chore off my list, I’m now ready to set the table in a formal way, start prepping the tree, begin looking at recipes for Christmas treats and finally find that ‘Nsync Christmas album. What is one major chore on your list?


On this beautiful Thanksgiving day I took time early this morning to sit and reflect on just how blessed I am. I have fantastic people in my life, a job I love and a cozy place to call home. I am one lucky girl and I never want to forget that. It’s easy to take these things for granted, to never think twice about what a great life you have but I’m glad it’s days like today that I’m able to sit and reflect and truly appreciate everything around me, and for that I’m thankful!
What are you thankful for this year?
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Carry on necessities

With the holidays just days away, I have started to pack up my carry on for the trek back to Boston. Here are some of my carry-on necessities:

/home/sunshi62/public html/wp content/uploads/2013/11/Sunshine and Pearls Carry On Necessities

1. A notebook- I always bring my iPad but when I’m cramped in a tiny seat sometimes it’s easier for me to just sit and write in a compact notebook. I also don’t like solely depending on my iPad for long flights, I conserve the battery for movies and such
Hard cover Coloured Notebook
2. Chargers- I always pack one set in my carry-on and one in my luggage.
TYLT Zumo Portable Battery Charger for Apple iPhone� 4/4S
3. Snacks- it’s hard to find gluten and dairy free snacks so I feel it’s my responsibility to keep treats in my bag so I don’t turn into hungry cranky pants.
Assorted Flavor Lollipops
4. Comfy headphones- I don’t know about you guys but during long flights, I just can’t stand ear buds. I absolutely love these!
Tumi - Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black) Headphones 
5. Spare toiletries- I always carry Vaseline, lotion, and chapped stick. My skin gets so dry after a flight so these are essential for me.
 Tory Burch - Robinson Small Makeup Bag (Pale Apricot) Toiletries Case
6. A good book- I have the worst luck when it comes to plane rides so I always have multiple activities so when my trip goes from a 6-hour flight to a 14 I’m not running out of things to do! I also find it so helpful to have spiritual books on the flight so I’m refreshed and positive at my new place!
 Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose.
7. Pens, pencils, post it’s, highlighters- I’m Mary Poppins in this bag, I bring it all!
Poppin Gold Pencil Pouch 
8. Business cards- you never know who you will sit next to! 
 Framed Business Cards
9. Reading glasses, prescription glasses (sometimes my contacts dry out on flights) and cheap sunglasses that I use once I get out of the airport
Rectangle Plastic Eyeglasses 
10. Hair teaser- my dull plane hair is not a good look! I rub a little lotion in it and tease it and it’s good to go!
 Amped Up Tease Brush Black Sparkle
11. Wristlet- I put my ID, boarding pass, and some cash in this so I don’t have to keep fishing out my wallet
 Kate Spade New York - Confetti Dot Envelope Wristlet Phone Case for iPhone 7 (Multi) Cell Phone Case
And then I throw it all in my classic Longchamp bag!
Longchamp Le Pliage Large Nylon Tote
What do you guys bring on the plane?
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Artful Living

Last week I attended Junior League’s Artful Living Home Show and I have to say I left completely inspired! It’s always interesting to see other people’s styles in their home. Decorating my home is a great stress reliever and I can’t wait to start prepping it for the holidays. One of the most interesting parts to the show was a wood inspired tabletop.
Here are the items you can buy to create your own rustic glam table decor

Round Raffia Placemats (Set Of 4)

Embossed Glass & Wood Hurricane Candle Holder

Collier Flatware 
Hemstitch Cloth Napkins Set - Sand
Grace Gold Trim White Dinnerware
Woven Champagne Table Runner
Faux Magnolia Arrangement

Here’s to another crazy year!

A year ago today I approached an adorable young man at SFMoma to go on our first date. That date was one of the worst dates I have ever had but what’s crazy is a year later I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. In the past year Dino Boy and I have gone through more than most couples but we have come out stronger, and happier than I ever could have imagined. What started out as an awkward exchange and a bro tap as goodbye has turned into a life together. I wake up to the most amazing man every morning and I fall asleep next to my best friend every night. I am incredibly lucky  to be with such an amazing man and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us over the next year! 
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The Power of Saying NO

If you ever sit in the grocery store check out and you see the magazine Psychology Today do me a favor and pick it up! Not only will you seem super smart next to the hot guy buying ice cream behind you but it is also full of amazing articles.
I have the disease to please and it cripples me almost every day. Do you ever have someone ask you to do them a favor and you know the answer should be “no” but instead “yes” comes out? I have run around looking like a chicken with it’s head cut off for more people than I would care to admit but somehow next time they ask me I always seem to say yes! I have an intense feeling of guilt if I say no to someone, even if it’s completely logical for me to be saying no.
I feel as though I’m presenting myself as better than them when I say no, like I should somehow have all of this spare time for everyone else when really half of my lunches are spent eating over the sink in between mopping and laundry. There is power in both yes and no, the trick is finding the right time to say each one! 
I can say yes and learn a new skill, make a new friend or end up crying in my car trying to figure out how I signed up to drive an extra half hour to pick up a friend of a friends birthday gift. Saying no can seem mean, rude or allow you to have the strength and inner peace to sort through what works and what won’t. 
It’s time to start saying no without any shame.

Treat yo self

Are you tired of limiting yourself? I’m constantly working crazy hours, restricting myself with bad foods and trying to stick to a very strict budget. I think it’s good to set up these limitations, they make me feel in control and help me stick to my goals but once in a while I treat myself to a cheat day. I take a full day off of work, I eat what I want, I don’t check emails and I enjoy a little relaxing day. The funny thing is when I have these days I come back recharged with fresh ideas and it makes a world of difference. You don’t need to be superwoman every day, sometimes you can just be a woman trying to relax! What do you women do to relax and recharge?