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Pick of the patch

Today was such a beautiful day that it was necessary to go out and enjoy the sunshine. After an impromptu wine tasting stop we were at the pumpkin patch and ready to pick out the perfect pumpkin to carve. 
Dino Boy certainly knows how to pick out some interesting gourds! I can’t wait to enjoy some apple cider and carve these guys!
It’s completely necessary to make a two-hour trip to pick pumpkins off the vine, right?!
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Fall Bucket List

It’s my favorite time of year and the best weather to cozy up with someone and go on adventures! It’s easy to sit at home every weekend but that’s no fun so how about creating a fun fall bucket list?! Here is what is included in my fall bucket list with Dino Boy.
1. Go to a play
2. Go to the zoo
3. Make hand print turkeys
4. Watch football
5. Go apple picking
6. Roast pumpkin seeds
7. Drink hot chocolate
8. Watch a scary movie
9. Carve a pumpkin
10. Make homemade apple sauce
11. Have a picnic
12. Go on a hike
13. Rake leaves
14. Watch Hocus Pocus
15. Drink apple cider
16. Go to a haunted house
17. Go on a road trip
18. Build a fort
19. Have a lazy Sunday
20. Tailgate
21. Go to a corn maze
22. Make soup
23. Watch It’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown
24. Start Christmas shopping
25. Volunteer
26. Make Carmel apples
27. Go on a hay ride
28. Have a bonfire
29. Host a dinner party
30. Drink pumpkin ale
31. Go wine tasting
32. Go to a county fair
33. Go to a pumpkin patch
34. Donate canned goods
35. Bake apple pie
36. Make s’mores
37. Host friends giving
38. Make pumpkin pie
39. Jump in leaves
40. Go on a bike ride
41. Reunite with family
41. Write about things you are thankful for
42. Go trick or treating
43. Watch the World Series
44. Cook a hearty meal
45. Run a 5k
46. Make bread
47. Go for a nature walk
48. Eat candy
49. Buy a new fall jacket
50. Cuddle by the fire
I made a mason jar with little slips so we can go to the jar when we feel the need to get into the fall spirit!
What do you love most about fall? 
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