How To Be A Better Listener

There are days that I can look at someone and see those lips move and not process what they are saying. Those are the days that I take a step back and focus on being a better listener instead of thinking about what I will say next in the conversation. Here are 5 tips on how to be a better listener:

how to be a better listener

  1. Be empathetic. Focus on what they have to say, try to see things from that persons perspective and don’t focus on fixing it. Just listen and understand.
  2. Be an active listener. Don’t finish sentences, let them speak and then summarize what they said in your own words. Ask appropriate questions once they have finished talking.
  3. Don’t jump in with suggestions or advice. I always tell Dino Boy I just need you to respond with “That sucks” not try to fix it. The second you start thinking about how to solve the problem you stop listening to the speaker.
  4. Don’t listen to reply listen to understand. Show them you are listening by empathizing with their feelings. Tell them how much you understand the anxiety over speaking to a group of people.
  5. Make eye contact, physically engage in the conversation by making eye contact and appropriately nodding your head.

Exciting Ankle Boots for 2016

It is hard to believe that the summer is nearly over. It had just gone so quickly, but it is happening. Now is the time to start preparing your autumn/winter wardrobe, which is why I have started my search for the perfect ankle boots. There are already plenty available in the shops, and even more online. Here is my roundup of some of the best.

 There is no one look for 2016

It is clear from what I have seen so far that there is no single boot trend for this autumn or winter. Footwear designers appear to have drawn inspiration from every era to produce an eclectic mix of styles. This is great news for someone like me because I like to try out different looks throughout the season. It is also nice to have a mix of boots available from a practical point of view. There is nothing worse than joining the family on a day out that involves a lot of walking, and having to wear a pair of fashion boots. Having the option to put on a more practical, low heel pair is a big relief. 

Kristin Cavallari - Lavish (New Nude Kid Suede) High Heels

Square toe boots

This year, most designers have moved away from pointy styles. Instead, the majority have decided to offer wearers the comfort of square toes. However, they clearly realise that some women will still want a more elegant look, so many of the higher heel models feature a rounded, or pointed, toe.

Kate Spade New York - Tal (Gold Glitter) Women's Zip Boots


Flat boots

There are also a lot of very flat ankle boots available this year. These are extremely comfortable, and are perfect for wearing at the weekends with jeans.

Many designers have started to incorporate cushion heels and soles into their boots. This is also good news for comfort and foot health. The fact they are so flexible helps to ensure that the foot is not squashed out of shape. 

Paul Green - Danni BT (Piombo Suede) Women's Boots

Cowboy style boots

It is clear that many footwear designers have been inspired by the classics. For example, the shops are full of cowboy style boots. However, most have chosen to mix things up a bit by offering this style of boot in a range of unusual finishes, such as patent leather. It sounds a little odd, I know, but the combination of the two styles actually works really well.

Frye - Isa Whipstitch (Black Buffalo Nubuck) Cowboy Boots

High gloss finishes

Shiny finishes are set to be very popular for 2016. Most of the boots you will come across, this year, feature a high gloss finish. They look smart, and the high heel versions look especially good when worn with a skirt or dress.

An emphasis on comfort

It is also nice to see that there is an emphasis on comfort, this year. Soles are slightly thicker than normal, which provides good insulation between the cold ground and your feet. I have also noticed that there is a better choice of styles for those who need a wide fit.

Jessica Simpson - Shawley (Slater Taupe Lux Kid Suede) High Heels


As you can see, this year there really is something for everyone. This will make it easy for you to find ankle boots that are suitable for any occasion.

How To Make Mondays Count

How to make mondays count

Having a “case of the Mondays” stinks. It makes the whole week tougher and honestly it makes those Sunday scaries that much worse. Why do we need to do that to ourselves? Here are some great tips on how to make Monday morning a magnificent and productive one!

First, start planning for Monday on Sunday. I know you want the weekend to yourself but spending a half hour Sunday night prepping for the week will make waking up Monday morning that much easier! Pack your bag, set out your clothes and go over the week’s calendar. While you are at it preset the coffeemaker for 15 minutes earlier than needed as well.

Monday morning you are going to wake up earlier and do some quick cardio! Make sure you start the day with a positive attitude by visualizing the day and repeating a morning affirmation like “I am positive, grateful and excited about today!” Below is a mini printable you can tape to your mirror. Before you head out the door make sure you have a healthy breakfast that will help fuel you through the morning.

You are going to arrive to work 5 minutes earlier because you have had such a productive morning and you are going to make an updated to do list and organize your workspace. And lastly, tackle the tough jobs first.

Congratulations you have made the most of your Monday morning!

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11 Exciting Ways To Makeover Your Look

There comes a time in every woman’s life where you need to give yourself a makeover. Perhaps you’ve just split up from your boyfriend, or you’ve not long given birth to a baby. Whatever the reason, you feel as though you need to change your image to feel good about yourself again. Here is a list of the best ways to makeover yourself.

Change your hair colour


The easiest way to update your image is by going for a change of hair colour. You can go for a subtle change with highlights, or a more vivid makeover with a bold colour. You can even experiment with wigs first of all. It is easy to change your hair colour at home with so many hair dye kits available to buy from stores. Remember to do the patch test first to avoid any nasty reactions, and enlist the help of a friend or family member if it’s your first time.

Get a new hairstyle

Another great way to update your look is to get a new hairstyle. If you’ve always had long hair, consider a shorter style to freshen up your image. If you’ve never had a fringe, have one cut in for an edgier look. There are so many hairstyle ideas, but you want to make sure that your dream style will also suit your face and your lifestyle. If your morning routine is getting ready in ten minutes, then avoid going for a new look which requires careful styling. Ask your hairdresser for tips on what would suit you and your hair – they know best when it comes to your hair.

Update your wardrobe

If you have recently had a significant weight loss, or if you just haven’t been shopping for a while, buying new clothes can make you feel great. As the new season trends are just hitting the stores, it’s the ideal time to experiment with new looks and styles. Try things on that you wouldn’t usually consider; you might be surprised at what suits you. Also look at the shoes that you wear. The right pair of heels will make your legs look longer and make you feel more confident.

Shake up your makeup

As with most women, we find a shade of lipstick or eyeshadow that we love and we never dare to try anything else. Sometimes, you just need to try out some new shades to bring out your best features. Most department stores offer free makeup trials, and some will expect you to buy their products afterwards. The makeup artists are skilled in knowing exactly what suits most complexions, eye colours, etc. so they will introduce you to a whole new world of makeup.

Plastic fantastic

Most of us were not born with the perfect faces or bodies, but some of us feel more conscious than others. If that’s the case, then consider some cosmetic surgery to fix the problems that have been bothering you for years. It could be the nose job you’ve always wanted, or perhaps you want to feel more confident about your bust in low-cut dresses. Do your research first and ask to see examples of the surgeon’s work. You want to make sure you like the end results.

Nail your New look

Don’t underestimate how important your hands and nails are when it comes to your image. Well manicured hands look fantastic and give a brilliant first impression. It’s also a fun way to experiment with bold colours to give a more youthful feel. You could also go for a classic french manicure. The same applies to your feet, especially in the summer when you’ll be wearing open-toed shoes. The little details can sometimes be important too.

Frame your features

If you wear glasses, you have endless possibilities with the range of frames available. You could go for a bold new plastic frame in a bright colour, or even try a patterned style. Glasses can be a great accessory to highlight your face, so make sure you take time choosing them. You could also consider a swap to contact lenses for a more versatile look.

Be more active

Most of us hate the idea of going to the gym, so look at making it more fun for you. There are so many classes that you are sure to find something that you enjoy. Don’t like running? Try a spin class. Looking to gain a more toned look? Pilates or yoga will help you with that. By being more active, you’ll start to feel better which in turn makes you look better.

Rethink your accessories

Do you always wear the same earrings and necklace? It could be time to splash out on some new jewelry. Statement pieces can be found almost everywhere now, and are an inexpensive way to update your look. A new handbag can also instantly refresh your image, as could adding a statement scarf to your outfit. Accessories are a great way of playing about and finding out what works for you.

Find a new signature scent


If you’ve been wearing the same perfume for years, then consider trying a new scent. The perfect scent makes you walk taller and feel more confident, and that will show in the way you move. It will also make you feel sexier. Who doesn’t want that? You can also buy the matching shower gels and lotions to make the experience of getting ready feel better, and making the scent last longer.

Look after your skin

If you know your skincare ritual has been lacking lately, then consider how you can help your skin get back to its best. Whether it’s booking a facial treatment, buying a new moisturiser or even Botox, remember that your face is the first thing people see. With the right care and treatment, you can banish acne and wrinkles. You’ll also have a great glow that will make people notice you.

Hopefully, you’ll find these tips useful, and you can have fun trying some of them out.

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Holiday Tips And Tricks Girls Will Love

Holiday season is in full swing, and everybody seems to be jetting off to exotic locations to top up their tans, meet new people, and make some incredible memories. Whether you’re going away on a girls holiday full of cocktails and laughs, or you’re going away with your family, these holiday tips are perfect for you. Here are holiday tips and tricks girls will love:

Be Careful When It Comes To Romance

Holiday romance can be so exciting, and one of the best things about going on holiday. But please, keep your wits about you! Holidays have no real sense of time, so it really can feel like you’re in love after a short period of time. This can lead to people making promises they can’t keep. Try to be sensible and take things with a pinch of salt. Be realistic. If you’ve just met somebody, you’re hardly going to move halfway across the world to be with them.

Never Wander Off Alone or Leave Your Drink Unattended

Staying safe on holiday is important. Don’t wander off alone, ever. Always go with at least one other friend. If you meet friends on holiday and want to go with them, be cautious. Always tell somebody where you’re going. Never leave your drink unattended either!

Think Before You Post On Social Media

Social media is brilliant for keeping up with friends and posting about all of the amazing things that happen in our lives. But think before you post on social media. Do you really want a picture of you snogging a stranger up there for all to see? Do you really want to post that drunk status? Be smart and stay off it, at least until you’re sober.

If You Must Get A Tattoo, Do It Sober

Getting holiday tattoos is the norm, but some people are taking it too far these days. One girl recently got the Harry Potter scar tattooed on her head! If you must get a holiday tattoo, do it sober. You don’t want to wake up with a nasty surprise.


Make A List To Help You Pack

Make a list in advance so you know exactly what you need to pack. Stick to it when you pack before you go and when you leave. This will help you feel much less stressed. There are even ready made lists online to help you. Make sure you not only have all of your beauty essentials, but documents and things too. If you’re traveling to the US, having things like your Electronic System for Travel Authorization sorted is important.

Buy Makeup Suitable For The Weather  

If it’s going to be really hot, you don’t want cakey foundation and products that will slide off your face. Do lots of research on makeup products for the weather so you can look gorgeous, whatever it’s like!

Hopefully these holiday tips help you to have the best time. Remember, enjoy every minute. That means staying off the web and living in the moment!